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Experience Your Life, Reimagined

A comprehensive suite of services for
capturing, preserving, and interacting

with personal memories and experiences.

What did I do last New Year's Eve?
What was that book I loved as a child?
Tell me about my trip to Madrid in 2022.

We capture and preserve
the fleeting moments of
human experience.

Our aim is to revolutionize the interaction with personal pasts, fostering a future where the boundaries between human cognition and technology seamlessly blend.

Core Feature 01

Memory Search

Unlock your mind using natural language. Retrieve and access any part of your past with just a question. 

Core Feature 02

Memory Vault

A secure digital space where users' experiences and memories are stored, preserved, and replicated. The Memory Vault not only archives a user's memories but also uses advanced AI algorithms to understand and replicate the individual's cognitive patterns and experiences.

Core Feature 03

Memory Timeline

A visual representation of memories over time displays a sequence of memories, allowing users to navigate through their past in an immersive way. Visit the past as if you were there, re-live cherished memories, re-experience meaningful events.

Memories make us who

we are. They are the bedrock
of our identity, and their
preservation is crucial.

You have the opportunity to secure these precious assets, allowing future generations to remember, learn, and grow from our experiences.


Recap, Upload and Share

  • Daily Recap

    Summarize daily activities, emotions, and thoughts, promote mindfulness and help gather data for the Memory Vault. Input information about activities, places visited, interactions, and mood to create a detailed record for reflection and memory retrieval.

  • Periodic Memory Uploads

    Engage in focused sessions at regular intervals to reflect on the recent past. Guided by AI-generated questions, delve into events, emotions, and experiences during those periods. The interactive interview covers various topics, capturing significant events,

  • Memory Sharing

    Selectively share memories with others, enabling sharing of special moments, collaborative experiences, and historical insights. Have full control over what memories to share, while preserving privacy and maintaining control over personal experiences.

Memory Timeline Visualization

Highlight and annotate significant moments on the Memory Timeline, creating a chronological sequence of important life events.
These markers can include personal milestones, transformative experiences, and other pivotal moments. They serve as reference points in the Memory Vault, making it easy to locate and reflect upon these important memories.

We are committed to
safeguarding every
memory, every nuance
of personal experience.

The creation of the Brainsave platform and Flashback hardware serves a significant unmet need in the modern world - the ability to capture, preserve, and revisit our memories and experiences in a comprehensive and meaningful way.

"Flashback" to a particular time, event, or feeling, and Brainsave AI retrieves and presents the relevant memories.

Tell me about that time at a Foo Fighters concert

Designed to trigger specific memories or sets of memories from the user's past, users can request a "flashback" to a particular time, event, or feeling, and AI retrieves and presents the relevant memories. This feature is perfect for reminiscing, learning from past experiences, or re-experiencing cherished moments.

Our Vision: relive,
re-experience, and
reimagine the past.

At Brainsave, we envision a future where the past is never lost. Instead it is a living, breathing experience, accessible to enrich our lives and deepen our connections.

Whisk away to a memory or special moment. Re-live the sights, sounds, and sensations that made those times unforgettable.
Transform memories into immersive experiences with AR, where every cherished moment is just a glance away.
The Future We Envision

The Future We Envision

At Brainsave, our vision is to revolutionize human memory by intertwining it seamlessly with advanced technology.

Why Brainsave?

Why Brainsave?

The Brainsave mission begins with two deeply personal experiences.

Moreover, we often wish we could relive or share our experiences more vividly.

Brainsave and Flashback address these challenges by providing a sophisticated and immersive way of preserving and interacting with our personal experiences.