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Memories make us who

we are. They are the bedrock
of our identity, and their
preservation is crucial.

You have the opportunity to secure these precious assets, allowing
future generations to remember, learn, and grow from our experiences.

Memory Search

A powerful feature that enables users to access their memory vault in a similar manner to how one would query a chatbot, like GPT-3. This user-friendly feature is simple to use with a text box that allows users to ask their memory anything they wish to recall.

Porta Commodo

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Recap, Upload and Share

  • Daily Recap

    Summarize daily activities, emotions, and thoughts, promote mindfulness and help gather data for the Memory Vault. Input information about activities, places visited, interactions, and mood to create a detailed record for reflection and memory retrieval.

  • Periodic Memory Uploads

    Engage in focused sessions at regular intervals to reflect on the recent past. Guided by AI-generated questions, delve into events, emotions, and experiences during those periods. The interactive interview covers various topics, capturing significant events,

  • Memory Sharing

    Selectively share memories with others, enabling sharing of special moments, collaborative experiences, and historical insights. Have full control over what memories to share, while preserving privacy and maintaining control over personal experiences.

The Future We Envision

The Future We Envision

At Brainsave, our vision is to revolutionize human memory by intertwining it seamlessly with advanced technology.

Why Brainsave?

Why Brainsave?

The Brainsave mission begins with two deeply personal experiences.

Moreover, we often wish we could relive or share our experiences more vividly.

Brainsave and Flashback address these challenges by providing a sophisticated and immersive way of preserving and interacting with our personal experiences.